Thursday, August 14, 2014

Swansea City & Tottenham, DeAndre Yedlin to Tottenham, Gentleman Ultra's Alternative Serie A Guide To Lazio

Yikes! It'll have to be a quick one today. Let's get rolling...

As expected, Yank In His Hometown DeAndre Yedlin has become a Yank Abroad. His move from Seattle to Tottenham has been confirmed. Good luck to him. Luis Suárez is still banned but can now train with Barca and play in friendlies Good luck

The Gentleman Ultra is back! We're graced with a guide to Lazio. Grazie, Gentleman! We shouldn't just look at one side of Rome, though. Thankfully, James Horncastle has a little feature on The Wolf of Roma today. That would be Walter Sabatini, by the way.

Two more EPL previews today, two more tomorrow, and then that's it, people!

San Lorenzo are the Champions of South America, says Tim Vickery. Yes, the Pope's favorite side won the Copa Libertadores yesterday. Jonathan Wilson reports on the end of an era. An era without a trophy. As he puts it, "And with that, Club Atlético Sin Libertadores de América, one of the oldest jokes in Argentinian football, had ceased to be."

This is weird...

Michael Cox is a tactical dude. He likes to write about tactics. Today, he's got a club-by-club tactical guide to the EPL season ahead. And all that entails. Tactically speaking, of course.

And finally...does it pay to sell your best player?



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