Monday, August 25, 2014

Last Weekend In Europe, Spanish Super Cup, Transfers, Manchester City vs. Liverpool, Jermaine Jones In NE

#1 Sunderland Supporter?
What a pleasant Monday it is. There was a lot of fine action over the weekend. No real surprises (Borussia Dortmund losing their opener at home would be the exception - that match included the fastest goal in Bundesliga history), but a lot of good football on offer. La Liga and the Bundesliga are back, thankfully, and the EPL continues apace. That's probably a fine place to begin. Per usual, we'll focus on the Continent tomorrow.

Sunderland 1-1 Manchester United: Louise Taylor at the Stadium of Light
Tottenham vs. QPR: Three Points

In the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup back on Friday, Atlético Madrid defeated Real Madrid 1-0. As you might expect, Sid Lowe was at the Vicente Calderón.

Ohhh. Let's take a quick look at MLS, shall we? Word is, Thierry Henry had one of those nights. Speaking of MLS, everyone's favorite heavily-tattooed-dreadlocked-German-American Jermaine Jones has signed with MLS and handed to New England in some sort of "blind draw." Are we still speaking about MLS? Yes? Weekend round-up, then.

Back to Europe with...Last Weekend In Europe

There's some rather substantial Monday Night Football tonight, people. We've got Manchester City vs. Liverpool (3pm EDT on NBCSN), Real Madrid vs. Cordoba (2pm EDT on beIN Sports USA), and Rayo Vallecano vs. Atlético Madrid (4pm EDT on beIN Sports USA). Here's what you need for the Premier League clash: Preview I. Preview II50/50 Challenge. Five Questions.

So. It looks like Di María is going to ManU. Do they really need a winger? What about their central midfield issues? Jamie Jackson investigates. Meanwhile, The BBC's Chris Bevan is investigating Arsenal. He says, "Arsenal show new resolve but old problems remain."

Balotelli. Di María. Falcao. Podolski. Welbeck. You know where this is headed...The Mill. Plus One. Plus Plus One.

And finally...Crystal Palace. What went wrong? It was all up and up thanks to Tony Pubis' revived side and then...bang! It turned into a circus. Phil McNulty is on the case.



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