Thursday, July 03, 2014

A Much Needed Break

Man. OK. Well, that was something. The staff here at SSN Headquarters needed over a day to recover. But, recover we have and now it's time to look back and reflect and also to look forward. Tomorrow the schedule is this:

Really lovely stuff for the Fourth of July. Barney Ronay is looking ahead to the second match of the day and the hype surrounding James and Neymar. France might get lucky in their clash with Germany because a lot of Germans are sick.

Martin Rogers is looking forward and wondering about the international future of some of the U.S. players. Will Deuce and Timmy stick around or has Father Time called time on their careers? Liviu Bird has a prediction on the 23 who will be in Russia for the next go round for the Yanks. Jeff Carlisle is looking back: Klinsmann's promise not yet delivered. We agree.

Speaking of careers, the silly season is getting pretty nutty. It looks like The Cannibal is moving from Liverpool to Catalonia. Here's all of that fun stuff: The Mill. Plus One.

What else? Phil McNulty is curious about the Europe vs. Americas dynamic. Who will reign supreme?

OK, we're going to ease into the holiday weekend with an abbreviated post today. Enjoy the matches and have a good one.



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