Monday, June 23, 2014

Best World Cup Ever

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OK, OK, so the refs have been atrocious at times, but the play has been spectacular. How many tournaments over the years have featured boring, conservative play? Most. Not this year. With a few exceptions (Belgium, we're looking at you), these countries have, quite simply, gone for it, and it's been a joy to behold.

Right. So, we're back. SSN Headquarters is once again fully staffed and we'll attempt to get back up and running with today's post. There is nowhere to begin but with the USA and Portugal. Ronaldo was ass, but even on his assiest day he can deliver a sick cross to break Yank hearts. And Michael Bradley? What's up with him? He's been poor, that's what's up. When he lost the ball in the middle of the pitch in stoppage time, we knew it was trouble. And it was. Let' get to the the fun.

Grant Wahl: Five Thoughts
Doug McIntire: Three Points

Here's what might happen if things happen that could happen:

Germany: Advance with win/draw vs. USA
United States: Advance with win/draw vs. GER
Portugal: Advance with win vs. GHA AND GER/USA do not tie, IF POR wins tiebreak with loser (see below)
Ghana: Advance with win vs. POR AND GER/USA do not tie, IF GHA wins tiebreak with loser (see below)

Win/draw vs. Germany
Loss and Portugal-Ghana draw
Loss and win tiebreaker vs. Portugal-Ghana winner

Germany and Ghana drew 2-2. Some German fans showed up in black face. Nice.

Men In Blazers has a nice compilation of headlines from a cross the country here. The Guardian covers the social media insanity here.

World Cup Talking Points? Bam. The BBC has a guide to the beautiful, the terrible & the funny of the World Cup. And we shall share it.

This guy...

Guess who else isn't pleased with SPECTRE FIFA? Dutch manager Louis van Gaal, that's who.

Oh, right. England and Spain are already out. Hah! No need for additional coverage of their failures here, but suffice to say, nobody at SSN Headquarters is shedding any tears. Wait, Nick Hornby has a piece about England's failure? We'll gladly make an exception for Sir Nick!

Let's play some more, shall we? Here's your lot for today:

Australia vs. Spain at who really cares?

Netherlands vs. Chile at 12:00pm EDT on ESPN
Gabriele Marcotti: Assessing Netherlands and Chile

Cameroon vs. Brazil at 4pm EDT on ESPN2

Croatia vs. Mexico at 4pm on ESPN

Predictions from these two clowns for the entire final round of the group stage:

And finally...because we need to ease back into the mode...Here's what the rest of the world thinks about American soccer fans.



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