Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Barca Beat City, The Zlatan Strikes, Arsenal vs. Bayern Munich, AC Milan vs. Atlético Madrid, No Striker For Brazil

And a pleasant Humpday to you and yours. The main match yesterday was a bit of a letdown, we have to say. Not really the goal-fest we expected and craved. San Pellegrino is pissed at the ref but he must realize that when playing Barcelona in Europe you're really playing UEFA as well. The Catalans will always get the calls. It's simply a Fact of Life. In the other match, PSG had little trouble in Germany as they dismantled Leverkusen on the back of two goals from The Zlatan.
Beware The Zlatan...
Daniel Taylor was at the Eithad and filed this report. Michael Cox claims the City gaffer got his tactics right but was undone by a single error. Here's a bit more on yesterday's action:

Hopefully today's matches will boost the excitement level a bit. We've got Bayern Munich at Arsenal and Atlético Madrid at Milan. Take a look:

Jonathan Wilson: How Do Arsenal Tame Bayern?

Soooo...get thee to a TV. Or a computer. Fox is showing these matches and for some reason they are burying them deep in the folds of channeldom.

Bayern Munich at...Loftus Road.
There was some talk around SSN Headquarters yesterday about Rooney's new contract. Most opined that the offer seemed excessive and, well, odd. Turns out Paul Wilson agrees.

Here's something funny: Brazil host the World Cup this year. Brazil are certainly favorites to win the World Cup this year. Brazil ain't got no striker?!

Keep it tite!



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