Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shane Long = Dennis Bergkamp, Champions League, Scribes, Podcast, More MLS

Woop! Tuesday, Peeps. Loads to rock this week. Loads. 

Let's begin with the Podcast: James is joined by Sean Ingle, Raphael Honigstein and Gregg Bakowski to discuss an eventful weekend in the Premier League and around Europe. As Tottenham lose 6-0 to Manchester City, the pod wonder how they can pick themselves up and rescue their season. And just how good are this City side? In the high-scoring Merseyside derby, contentious refereeing decisions are given the once over, and the pod are purring over that Luis Suárez free-kick. Cardiff equalise late on against Manchester United but David Moyes is happy with a point. Is he showing a shocking lack of ambition? The pod think so. Plus there's the big Borussia Dortmund v Bayern Munich game in Germany, trouble from the Ultras in Milan and Sid Lowe has news of some high-scoring games in Spain.

Let's talk about last night. The Premier League offered up another nice one as West Brom and Villa battled to a 2-2 draw. Villa came back from two down. Well done, Villians. The match was graced with two super-sweet goals by Shane Long. One evoked memories of a certain Dennis Bergkamp from a certain match back in 1998. Glorious stuff, really. Stuart James was at The Hawthorns.

In Rome, Roma failed to return to the top of Serie A after their third draw on the trot. This one was scoreless. Here's a bit on that, plus more on the match in England and the one last night in Spain.

It's Tuesday so that means it's time for Gab's Monday Musings. When do they post this thing, Monday night at 11:59pm? Anywho, Gab's gabbing about Bayern's mole problem, Evra's outburst and why Martino's adjustments are working.

Let's be fair. Wes Brown should not have seen red this weekend. To call it harsh is stupid. It was wrong. That said, here are Ten of the Worst Red Card Decisions EVER!

Scribe Time!

Location: Italy
Scribe: Paolo Bandini

Location: Germany
Scribe: Uli Hesse

Location: Spain
Scribe: Sid Lowe

Location: Germany
Scribe: Raphael Honigstein

Location: Brazil
Scribe: Tim Vickery

Good Grief! Champions League, friends. The big one this afternoon is in Dortmund. The hosts have to get back on the horse after being knocked off by Bayern at the weekend. They face Napoli. Elsewhere in that group Arsenal host Marseille. Word on the street is the Marseille kids are ready for the match at the Emirates. The other main fixtures of the day include Celtic/AC Milan, Ajax/Barcelona, and Basel/Chelsea. Here's a preview. And here's where the groups stand at the moment:

Planning on enjoying Arsenal vs. Marseille this afternoon? Then you get to enjoy this, too.

Major League Soccer will pause for two weeks during the World Cup this summer. Wise move. The season is complete save for the final, so here are some awards: Top Rookie, Coach and Newcomer.

More? How about this: Best XIs from the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1, plus analysis of Manchester United's season. Not bad, eh?

More? Too bad.



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