Thursday, September 05, 2013

Gedion Zelalem, Messi Fraud, World Cup 2014, Nani For Five, Bristol Invasion

Hello! It's all a bit quiet today, which is a relief. We've been able to do some cleaning at SSN Headquarters. We've filed stacks of papers, watered the plants, cleaned the coffee pot, and hosed down the bathroom.

Let us begin with a special Podcast from Jimbo and Co. Here's what's on deck: Well, it's the start of the international break, and AC Jimbo has Barry Glendenning, Jacob Steinberg and James Horncastle in the pod to jazz up as best they can a week of World Cup qualifiers, including a patched-up England's tie with Moldova (the nation with the third-fastest internet speed in the world, it says here). Plus, we discuss Greg Dyke's bold claim that England should win the World Cup at some point in the future, and Sid Lowe gives his take on those three amigos who were reportedly involved in that failed bid for Ander Hererra. And, er, that's about it.

Ethiopia/Germany/United States
You guys know this dude Gedion Zelalem? He's the German-born son of Ethiopian immigrants who moved to the United States when he was nine. He's currently 16 and was on the bench for Arsenal during the North London Derby. It would be nice if he chose to play for the United States, but that seems unlikely. Too bad.

Sticking with the USA, the Yank Men resume qualifying tomorrow night (10 p.m. EDT on BeIN Sport) San Jose, Costa Rica. Grant Wahl is there. The Mexico clash is next Tuesday at 8pm EDT. Apparently, Landon Donovan wants to "Smell the Blood."

Meanwhile, Messi and his padre just paid five million euros in a tax fraud case. Hmmm.

For some reason we know a lot of Manchester United fans who do not like Nani. No like Nani. They will not like this, then.

No, no. The blood, not the glove.
Mesut Ozil is still garnering headlines and articles. For example

So, Bristol City and Bristol Rovers played for the first time in six years last night. Everything was going swimmingly until the final whistle. The horses arrive at 3:10.

That'll have to do. Cheerio.


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