Thursday, February 21, 2013

Barcelona Lose An Important Match, American Abroad Jones Scores For Schalke, Tottenham Fans Attacked, Gold Cup Venues

Holy Shit! Milan defeated Barcelona at San Siro yesterday. The first goal benefitted heavily from a handball that wasn't called and was followed be an excellent finish. The second came after a lovely round of keep-y-uppy that culminated in a lovely strike from former Portsmouth star Sulley Muntari. We also think the bizarre sanitary napkin that Barca's medical staff decided to use on Carlos Puyol's forehead wound had something to do with his poor defending for both goals. All of that aside, Milan had the better of the match. For some reason, Barcelona didn't press like usual when Milan had possession. The Italian side had unexpected time on the ball and took advantage. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the game was the play of the best player in the world. For the first time in a long time, he went missing. Completely missing. It was like he wasn't even on the pitch. Most odd.

There's a napkin on my head, damnit!
It was a fun match to watch, with the exception of those God-awful Barcelona kits. The popsicles we used to get in the summer at 7-11 looked similar. As you might expect, the Spanish press is all over it.

As we hoped, Sid Lowe was up in Milan and filed this report. Oliver Brown was there as well. You want a tactical review? Hit it.

In the night's other match, Shalke and Galatasary drew in Istanbul. Apparently, Schalke plan to contest the result because they don't think Drogba should have been allowed to play. Sour grapes aside, the Germans return to Gelsenkirchen with a priceless away goal thanks to...wait for it...Yank Abroad Jermaine Jones! And we're a but late here, but get your complete Americans Abroad on, if you wish.

Now that the Champions League is done for the moment we can focus on its little brother, the Europa League. Spurs are in France to face Lyon and some of their fans got a rough welcome. 50 versus three? Not the best odds. Apparently there were some anti-semitic aspects to the attack, so...awesome. Here's a preview of all of today's action on the pitch.

Back to Tottenham's neighbors up in North London. Phil McNulty looks at the big decisions facing Arsenal. Because, let's face it: No team can replace top-class, in some cases world-class, players with inferior models and get away with it for long.

The venues for this summer's Gold Cup have been announced. Hopefully one is in your neck of the woods.

Let's finish with the dance party led by Balotelli and Robinho at the San Siro last night. That embarrassed looking woman is Super Mario's girlfriend, Fanny Nequesha.



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