Friday, January 11, 2013

Zamorano & Salas, Big Weekend in England, Spanish Quiniela, Dani Alves

This is fun. From that stupid awards thingy the other day:

What's gone wrong with Dani Alves? The guy used to be top-notch. He's now out of the Barcelona XI and caught in a downward spiral. Not that we're too upset about it over here at SSN Headquarters. The guy's a punk. Tactical expert Michael Cox examines his fall from grace.

Sid Lowe says this: La Liga dominance at FIFA awards reflect troubling reality. And he's right.

Bang. Right to The Joy of Six. Caught you off guard there, right? This Friday's edition is Unlikely Football Heroes. Jimmy Glass, anyone?

Sunday is a big, big day in the English Premier League. Manchester United host Liverpool in the early match, and Arsenal host Manchester City in the later kick-off. Van Persie vs. Suarez! Howard Webb is the ref! Hype it up, yo! Elsewhere you've got a London Derby as Spurs head over to face old gaffer 'Arry at Loftus Road, wounded Chelsea face a tricky trip up to Stoke, and Everton host Swansea. Here's your preview of all the upcoming action.

"Whatever he does, Luis Suarez is going to get a lot of stick from the home fans and, if he doesn't have a great day, then I don't know where Liverpool's goals are going to come from."

Remember Ivan Zamorano and Marcelo Salas? Those guys were awesome. They rocked it for Chile back in the 90s. Zamorano had some great years at Inter Milan and Real Madrid, while Salas was a rock for a monster Lazio squad. Here's a nice remembrance.

Apparently football grounds aren't full of old white men after all. The Telegraph's Jim White explains...

Back to La Liga for just a moment. Eduardo Alvarez offers up his Quiniela for our pleasure. Barcelona go to Malaga. Malaga currently sit fourth in the table. Might the mighty Barca drop points? We're wondering if Yank Abroad Gooch will start and face a well-rested Messi. If so, it could get messy. Cough.

Right! The Mill! Your Plus One! Balotelli to Milan? Pep to Chelsea?

And finally, what's on tap for Serie A this weekend? Read the bloody preview and you'll find out.

That's your lot for this week. Enjoy the footie over the weekend. Until Monday...



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