Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Transfer Window Open, USA, EPL, Pato

Hello! Hopefully your introduction to 2013 went well. SSN wishes the best to you and yours for a footie-tastic new year.

Let's begin with the United States. It's a big year for the Yanks. We've got to qualify for Brazil. Jeff Carlisle knows his shit when it comes to this sort of subject. Here he looks at the Top 10 Storylines for 2013. Bring on the Hexagonal!!

Right. Matches in the EPL yesterday. There were some. And there really were not any shocking results. You had Man City winning easily against Stoke at home, Man United winning easily at Wigan, Tottenham breaking down some Reading resistance to win (Dempsey scored off a deflection), Arsenal drawing at Southampton (awful, awful match of soccer), and West Ham winning at home. Here's a Round-Up.

Today the menu is a bit meh: Liverpool host Sunderland, Everton at Newcastle, and a London Derby at Stamford Bridge where Chelsea host 'Arry and QPR. Speaking of QPR, do they have any chance of avoiding relegation? Jonathan Wilson takes a look.

In terms of what 2013 will bring to the English Premier League, Barney Ronay has a few thoughts. Where will Pep manage? Where will Bale play?

But, it IS January and that means the Transfer Window is wide open and The Mill is back from vacation at long last. Nothing major has gone down. Yet. Let's hope for some action. We've still got Sturridge to Liverpool and Ba to Chelsea as the two likely moves. Thierry Henry will not be returning to Arsenal. Here's your Plus One.

Pato + Unhappy Marriage = Shit Form?

Remember Alexandre Pato? Of course you do. The kid was supposed to be the next major Brazilian export. He had three solid seasons with Milan, but he's faded considerably and now looks like he's headed home. What went wrong? Tom Vickery fills us in. 

Diving has been getting a lot of press of late. Here's some more from Paul Wilson.

Meanwhile, in Spain, readers of Marca voted Song and Modric the worst signings of the season. So...OK.

Let's finish with The Hof at Manchester City...



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