Thursday, January 17, 2013

Delinquency, Pep to Bayern, Cosmos

Sorry. We failed in our obligation or duty there for a couple of days. What a week! Ugh. Right. Before we move forward, let's move back. Back to Kompany's red card from Sunday. It was overturned by the FA. People seem pleased. The "Art of Tackling" is saved. We think it should have stood. Thankfully, the ever-astute Paul Wilson agrees. What if Wilshire had broken a leg?

Pep. Pep, Pep, Pep. So, he's off to Bayern Munich. An interesting move, we have to say. A smart one, as well. No oligarchs running that club like a little toy. No sheiks throwing oil money to get results. Our favorite German expert Raphael Honigstein weighs in. Meanwhile, in Spain, Sid Lowe says the media are freaking out. Since they are always freaking out down there, perhaps they are now freaking out more so. Check it.

We missed Phil Ball on Tuesday. Sad, we know. Especially since he's taking a look at every team in La Liga and taking the time to give us his mid-term report. We could not be more thankful for Phil.

Shakira and Pique
Right. What else? In a couple of FA Cup replays yesterday, Jack Wilshire scored to propel Arsenal over Swansea and into the Fourth Round, while up at Old Trafford, someone named Wayne Rooney scored to send United into the Fourth Round. In League action, Chelsea had to play to make up for the match they missed on their regrettable and forgettable trip to Japan for the Club World Galaxy Earth Championship that ended in a loss. Yesterday, The Blues played Southampton, went up 2-0, and then allowed Southampton to tie things up and claim a draw. The noose tightens around Rafa's neck. David Hytner was at Stamford Bridge.

Luis Suarez admits that he fell. Or dived. Or dove. Rodgers is angry. Cue stupid scene on Being Liverpool.

The New York Cosmos. The history. The tradition. The cocaine. The fun at Studio 54. Like it or not, they're back, and they're back with a bang. They've announced plans for a new stadium out at Belmont Park. They're not even in MLS. And MLS wants its own team on Long Island. Grant Wahl says the Cosmos are increasingly looking like a competitor and not a prospective member of Major League Soccer. Interesting. Very interesting. Jeff Carlisle also takes a look. And if you've not yet seen this, you should.

Transfers! Here's The Mill and here's your Plus One. We're still waiting for that big January move. Perhaps we already got it with Guardiola's bounce to Bayern. Hopefully there will be something bombastic to come. Oh, did you know Rivaldo is still playing?

We'll leave you with some beautiful pictures from Simon Harsent.



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