Monday, December 17, 2012

And We're Back!

Right. Let's jump in with the Club World Cup. You all thought Chelsea would cruise to the title, right? No so fast. Corinthians had different ideas and edged the Blues 1-0. Tim Vickery claims it's a watershed moment for South American clubs. Too bad for Chelsea, though. All the way to Japan just come up empty. At least they got to experience Beatlemania.

Back in their domestic league, the biggest surprise had to be Aston Villa's romp over Liverpool at Anfield. 3-1 in favor of the visitors with only a late consolation goal for Liverpool. Rodgers' reign is not going so well. Elsewhere, Fellaini headbutted Shawcross (ref didn't see it = he'll be banned) as Everton and Stoke drew, Spurs beat Swansea, United cruised, City should thank Cisse for his miss as they won at Newcastle, and West Ham and West Brom failed to score. How about Ten Talking Points? And Berlin has Five Thoughts.

And how about a Clint Dempsey interview? Everybody loves Clint, right? Right? Hmmmm.

Over in Europe Barcelona ensured that their clash with Atletico Madrid was disappointing by cruising to a 4-1 win. Falcao got one, but Messi got two. If you thought the La Liga title was still up in the air you can think again. Real Madrid could only draw at home with Espanyol. Barca are now nine clear of Atletico and THIRTEEN!! clear of Real. Done and dusted. More from Phil and Sid mañana.

In Italy Lazio beat Inter, Napoli lost, and Juventus won. Juve are now seven clear at the top with a host of clubs cluttered beneath them. Here's the table.

The Mill. We're almost January. Here's your Plus One.

Monday Night Football is Reading vs. Arsenal. 3pm EST on ESPN2. Here's a preview.

Sorry, but we've got to finish on a low note today. File under utterly disgusting: Zenit St. Petersburg's largest supporters group issued a manifesto demanding the team field an all-white, heterosexual team. Fuck you.

We out.



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