Thursday, July 05, 2012

Euro 2012: ‘Live’ footage of crying German fan was pre-recorded – and it’s not right

It has emerged that during Germany’s semi-final defeat to Italy at Euro 2012, the television directors at Uefa tricked us. With the favourites trailing by Mario Balotelli’s two goals, the camera panned to a tearful German lady. Oh, the emotion. While we in England had shed our tears in the previous round, now it was the Germany’s turn – and it was hard not to feel some sympathy. But it has since transpired that the lady in question was not shedding tears of sadness, but tears of patriotism. She had been filmed during the playing of the German national anthem, and then the clip was inserted 37 minutes into the match.

Uefa have admitted the manipulation, saying they were trying to show “the human story of the game”.

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