Friday, October 28, 2011

Wayne Rooney can be England's top player – as long as he isn't picked

It has been a bad month for the talisman. Carlos Tevez is "very much City's talisman" according to John Motson – himself very much the sort of item you might hang from the rear-view mirror to ward off road accidents, and mask the smell of the dog – but has been forced to work his medieval-mugged magic from the stands, while City try to decide whether to send him back to the belltower or not.

John Terry, Chelsea's supernatural charm (and I think we can all agree that Terry's charm is not entirely earthly), has been forced to explain that the only reason he allegedly directed a racist remark at Anton Ferdinand was to demonstrate just the sort of alleged racist remark he did not, had not and would not ever allegedly make. The fear at Stamford Bridge is that the FA may follow the Blues' captain's lead and ban Terry for three seasons just to prove that this is exactly the sort of thing they would never do in a million years.

And then there is Wayne Rooney. Poor, poor Wayne.

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