Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Trend Continues, Fire Crap the Bed, Sounders Win US Open Cup

For the third year running the Seattle Sounders hosted the US Open Cup final at home and destroyed the Chicago Fire, winning their third consecutive US Open Cup. Seattle played well and more importantly are comfortable moving the ball on their awful plastic pitch. The Fire spent the entire game falling over, failing to trap the ball and watching as all of their passes were either hit too hard to too lightly on the field turf. Sean Johnson played out of his head in goal to keep the Fire in the game and at one point after the Sounders hit maybe their third post of the game it looked like fate was conspiring against them, but Freddy Montero finished a rebound in the 78th minute and they added a second on the break in injury time just to kick the Fire in the nuts.

Frankly I see this trend continuing. Seattle's financial clout allows them to outbid anyone else in the cup to host matches and they are extremely difficult to beat playing the pinball game that their football stadium demands. Perhaps one of the other northwest teams that also play on plastic may be able to compete but until those teams are competitive from a quality standpoint it's not going to happen.

Therefore I congratulate you Sounders fans on winning the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Cups as well as wrapping up this year's trophy. You are the best fans in the league by far, we know because we hear you tell yourselves that every day. Good luck playing on grass in the playoffs, I know it doesn't really work so well for your team.

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Bobbie BS said...

Having re-read this I must add that the Sounders were and are a much better team and would have won on a grass surface at a neutral venue or perhaps even at Toyota Park. It just wouldn't have been so awful to watch.