Friday, March 25, 2011

Sam Kelly in Argentina

On Sunday, Velez Sarsfield were hosting San Lorenzo de Almagro. The two clubs aren't traditional rivals but have, over the last few years especially, had to contend with a very heated atmosphere whenever they've played. One San Lorenzo fan got into an altercation during a routine police security check (most accounts seem to agree on that) and then ... well, and then things get a bit murky. Buenos Aires' Federal Police spokesman, Nestor Rodriguez, told the press that "he sat down on the kerbside, suffered a cardiac arrest, and died".

The director of emergency services, meanwhile, told everyone that the dead man - a 36-year-old by the name of Ramon Aramayo - had suffered various bruises around the chest area. By the end of the day, a video was circulating on the websites of sports daily Olé and newspaper Clarín (both part of the same media group) of the police picking up and leading Aramayo - clearly still alive - away from the fans milling towards the stadium and, although the video cuts off before they go out of sight, apparently through the doorway of a warehouse or garage.

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Anonymous said...

That's a very odd story. Something doesn't add up.