Thursday, February 24, 2011

Paul Hayward: Arsène Wenger is tantalisingly close to the glorious formula he craves

For nearly six years, Arsenal's manager has worked his way to the point where his team are strong on four fronts.


Bobbie BS said...

British sports press has done a brilliant job with this, as evidenced by yesterday's idiot David Hirshey, who warned Arsenal fans to stop bragging that they were going to win 4 titles despite the fact that the only person actually saying this (rather than misconstruing an answer Wenger gave at a press conference) at the time was David Hirshey. Now if the the Gunners don't win 4 titles their season will have been another glorious failure which proves that Wenger should have opened up the wallet.

Unknown said...

Can't help but imagine what the Gooner's EPL standing would be if RVP could've had atleast 10 more starts.