Friday, November 12, 2010

Andy Carroll's capers are small beer compared to champagne George Best

At the height of his notoriety, George Best once had similar restriction placed upon him.

He was due to give evidence in court on behalf of his Manchester United colleague Paddy Crerand, who was up on an assault charge after stepping in to a nightclub fracas to protect Best's diminishing honour.

Crerand had hired the prominent QC George Carman to defend him, and the silk, fearful of Best's growing reputation for unreliability, insisted his star witness spend the night at his place, to ensure his prompt attendance in court the next morning. A sound plan, you might think. Except Carman had an approach to alcohol even more unhealthy than his houseguest and the two spent the evening ahead of their date in court in a vigorous attempt to drain Manchester club land of booze. On their return to the late lawyer's house, Carman passed out on the sofa.

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