Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tim Vickery in South America

In March 2003, Blatter decreed that South America's turn would come in 2014 and a few days later the South American Confederation announced that Brazil was its only candidate and although Colombia briefly broke ranks, they had no serious expectations of success.

Brazil, then, has known for over seven years that the circus would be coming to town and Fifa's official announcement in October 2007 only confirmed the obvious.

But the host cities had not even been chosen - that only happened last May, with the decisions taken by Fifa rather than, as usual, by the local organisers - and it was only last Friday that Sao Paulo, the country's biggest city, finally decided which stadium it would use.

Taking so long to sort out such basic issues comes across as gross incompetence.


Bobbie BS said...

Sanford, any way that you can try to cross-reference the coming tide of "Brazil's not ready for the World Cup" articles with the inevitable wave of "Rio is not ready for the Olympics" articles? Regardless of stadium and transportation infrastructure, Brazil '14 will be fantastic in the one department where South Africa was a huge disappointment- footage of hot young women in yellow and green bikinis.

The Editor said...

For better or for worse, I don't care about the Olympics. So no Rio Olympic articles. Sorry. But there will be plenty of hot Brazilians (men and women) over the next four years!!!