Thursday, May 29, 2008

England Stroll Past Yanks

It was back to the days of embarrassing play for the U.S. as the lads offered little resistance against an English side that barely had to work to claim a 2-0 victory. The fact that Josh Wolff, Frankie Hedjuk and Eddie Lewis are even on the national team (not to mention actually playing) is proof that we've still got a long way to go. I can see having some of the older guys around to bring experience and discipline to the team, but this was ridiculous. How a starting front of Wolff and Eddie Johnson is expected to trouble Rio Ferdinand and John Terry is beyond me. DeMarcus was rusty and off the pace, and Gooch showed why he still works in Belgium. Perhaps the most sad aspect of the whole affair is how much we missed Donovan's creativity, pace, intelligence and knack for goal.

England 2 - 0 United States

England expose U.S. shortcomings

Terry and Gerrard Lead the Lions
No Cap for Donovan

U.S. Thoroughly Outclassed by England

Things We Learned

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