Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Champions League: Liverpool/Arsenal III

You wouldn't bet against the third and final installment of Liverpool vs. Arsenal having a bit of a LOTR: Return of the King feeling. It's easy to see another 1:1, so while exciting it could could drag on a bit at the end. If it does go to extra time I suppose you'd have to fancy Liverpool, but penalties would be nice. TS.

Tonight's showdown is make or break for both Arsene Wenger and Rafael Benitez
Benitez out to explode myth of Wenger's team building

Reds' keeper has been hailed for his brilliance but Arsenal's is more of a Spaniard in the works, writes Kevin McCarra
Reina reigns supreme but Almunia only catches flak

Ex-manager Howe asssess the key match-ups ahead of tonight's game
Don Howe's key clashes

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