Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Rams close in on triple raid

Derby have agreed a fee with Blackburn for the former Wales midfielder Robbie Savage, who is expected to meet Derby officials this afternoon to discuss terms. Also joining the Pride Park influx is the former Newcastle winger Laurent Robert and Tottenham outcast Hossam Ghaly, who are poised to wrap up moves.

Wanker, wanker, wanker.

Say it ain’t so. The beloved Rams are going to sign Grade-A Prick Robbie Savage. I like Derby County. My pal Alec was born in that “God-Awful Place, “ as he so eloquently describes his home locale. And their mascot is Rammy. And they’ve got a great history. What’s not to like? But this might be a step too far. Robbie Savage, for all his energy, persistence and dogged determination, is a jerk on the pitch and too often resorts to dirty tactics to try and gain an advantage. How can I root for the Rams with that twat in their side? Toss in Laurent Robert and any chance Derby had of a Fair Play Award just went out the window. Who's next? Lee Bowyer? -Sanford

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