Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Here's what's on the top of my head at the moment...

How shite are Spurs and their fans going to feel if they lose tonight to a second-string
Arsenal squad? The Gunner youngsters have made what is usually a boring
competition into an exciting affair this season. Over the years I usually pull for my team
to get eliminated early to alleviate fixture congestion. But this season it’s been different. OK< so the Gunner team will be sprinkled with experience (Gilberto will return) but you get the idea.

And Theo Walcott. So he’s not scoring. It’s OK. If Wenger says it’ll come, it’ll come.
Yes, he is still 17 and Arsene says he’s finishing impressively in training. I trust the Boss. He's said things like this millions of times in the past and been correct 76.4% of the time. I like the odds. While I’m on the subject of Arsenal, I’m glad to see Song go. He can stink it up for
Pardew now. Some people say he was good against Liverpool but I beg to differ. He still
looked lost and his goal bounced in off his body. He knew nothing of it. I also wonder
about Birmingham getting Larsson for £1 million. I hope there is more cash than that
involved, especially when you see the likes of Darren Bent and £18 million being thrown
about. Larsson is lighting up the Championship and that’s a nice take by Steve Bruce.

Speaking of the Championship, come on Derby! The Rams just keep notching the wins
and have managed to keep themselves above Birmingham in the table. It’d be great to
see Premiership football back at Pride Park next year. My wife could bust out the Rammy panties that have been in the drawer since 1997.

Let’s see. What else is up? Oh yes, Bayern Munich fired Felix Magath and brought back
Ottmar Hitzfeld. I can’t really see this making too much of a difference in Munich.
There are too many good teams at the top and it’s not like the old days when Bayern
could just buy their competitors' top players. There is much more parity now. They are
thin and the loss of Ballack has really hurt. Their Champions League match-up with Real
Madrid should prove interesting. Which out of form giant will lose? My bet is on the
Germans. There has been a real shift in the Bundesliga and I don’t know if Bayern will
ever command the respect or enjoy the dominance it once had. In other words, at least one European Giant has fallen and will not be back like some others (Juve, Milan).

Ahh yes, Sir Wayne is scoring again. Shrek has bagged a couple of late to put all the talk
of his lack of goals behind him. Did any of us really think it was an issue? Of course the
media needed a story so they made it one, but come on. ManU are top of the table and
Rooney's form has been fine. So few goals? Not an issue. An issue would be if Ronaldo
goes down. No, like, goes down for real. As in actually gets injured. I think that could
put a big thorn in the Red Devils. That’s why the return of Park is so important. He
provides the same sort of width and pace as Ronaldo. If something were to happen to the
Diving Master, Sir Alex would have back-up. I think it’ll be a tight run to the finish, but
ManU have too much of an advantage. The real fun will be the battle for second. I still
don’t trust Liverpool or Arsenal to become consistent enough to make a real run for the top. Stevie G. tells us his boys are ready but we’ve heard that before. No, I see it finishing like this:

Manchester United

No surprises there.

That’s all the time I’ve got at the moment. Time to tie up some loose ends so I can go home, grab the dog, and head out to see Tottenham travel to the Emirates. And then it'll be time to see Theo's first goal for The Gunners. Who knew the League Cup could be so much fun?


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