Monday, February 26, 2007



ALMUNIA: Left exposed, and therefore blameless, for both goals. Considering the melée, thank goodness Lehmann wasn't playing. 6.
HOYTE: Tidy. Improving every game - though Robben caused problems later on. 6.
SENDEROS: Drogba's bitch yet again. Too flatfooted, too cumbersome. Wenger was right to play the kids, though had Gallas played Arsenal would have won. 3.
TOURE: Played well in defence, bringing the ball out intelligently. Sadly lost the plot completely and let his team down. Not what you want from your captain. 5.
TRAORE: Unfortunately one positional mistake, which left Drogba open for Ballack's chip, marred a mature performance from the 17 yr old. 6.
WALCOTT: His best performance for the Gunners. Started and finished his goal brilliantly. Real signs that he could live up to the hype. 8.
FABREGAS: Sublime, as always, when playing football. Also quite good at proving soccer players fight like 80 yr old drag queens. 7.
DENILSON: Exquisite control, passing and dribbling. Increasingly out-muscled as the game progressed [understandable considering his age and opponents]. 8.
DIABY: A Wenger/Vieira love child? Although he strayed out of position at times, leaving Traore exposed, gave real drive to the Arsenal midfield. 8.
ALIADIERE: Poor and pretty anonymous. 4.
BAPTISTA: Forced one good save but otherwise lacked finesse. Great to see the kids, but Arsenal missed Henry. 5.
EBOUE: Looked at fault for Che winner and v. lucky not to get red card for hitting Bridge. 3.
HLEB: Regular readers know my views on Hleb, yesterday did nothing to change them. 4.
ADEBAYOR: Perhaps unlucky to be sent off [mistaken identity?]. 4.


CECH: Excellent, as ever. 7.
DIARRA: Lucky not to have conceded a pen, lucky not to have received two yellows. Overwhelmed. 5.
CARVALHO: Nullified Arsenal's strikers with a polished display. 8.
TERRY: Hard as nails - allegedly his head lead to Diaby's injury. Before the drama he looked out of sorts and off the pace. 5.
BRIDGE: Troubled throughout by threat of Walcott who he never had under control but never let run riot. 6.
MAKELELE: One of his worst games for Chelsea, allowing Fabregas and Denilson far too much time and space. 5.
ESSIEN: Seemed to play 20 different positions but looked pretty good in all of them. 7.
LAMPARD: Conceded initiative to Arsenal's midfield in the first half but gradually more of a force as the game went on. Good at prissy, playground 'fighting'. 6.
BALLACK: Showed glimpses of his class, especially for Chelsea's first goal, but otherwise another lackadaisical display from the German. 6.
SHEVCHENKO: According to reports he was finally finding his form. Not on this showing. 5.
DROGBA: The difference between the teams. Thanks to him Chelsea took their chances. Must wish he could play against Senderos every week. 9.

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The Editor said...

Great summation, TSB. I would only argue that Shevchenko deserves less than a 5 and Cech deserves more than a 7. And perhaps Denilson could slide a bit for giving the ball away that led to Chelsea's first goal.

And what IF Lehmann had played? That would have been something. Would he be in jail now? In a padded cell?