Thursday, January 04, 2007

Shevchenko risks being remembered as bigger flop than Verón

Tough call here -- Verón was so inept while Sheva's presence on the pitch has made a difference, especially for Drogba. Sure, for the money he's a flop but he was never going to live up to his pricetag. I'd vote for Taibi or Balaban. -Sanford,,277-2530459,00.html


Bobbie BS said...

Maybe if he sucks for Chelsea next year and then for Liverpool for a couple of seasons after that he's be in Veron's book, but not until then. I think he could well turn it around in the second half if given the right opportunity. But at least this will give the NY Red Bulls fans something to talk about now that Luis Figo took the money in Saudi Arabia.

The Editor said...

I think Luis might be balking on the Saudis - there is some talk. Regardless, Sheva has been in Serie A too long to adapt to the EPL. He needs to tell his Yank wife that they have to leave London for another few years.