Monday, June 19, 2006

Brazil vs. Australia

I´ll remember this match for the way the Aussie supporters were louder than the Brazilians. I´ll also remember it for how the ref practically gave the game to Brazil and for what a chump Ronaldo was. It was a bit like USA vs. Italy where the ref was just giving everything to one team. Anyway, my seat was near mid-field but up pretty high. But this is one of those stadiums where there is no bad seat so I had a great overview of all the action. It was an insane-o-thon when the Socceroos came out to warm up. First tune on the blaring sound system: Down Under by Men at Work. Second song: Beds are Burning by Midnight Oil. Third song: TNT by AC/DC. Of course all the Aussies knew every word to every song and sang and danced through the whole warmup.

Once the match got underway, the Brazilian fans and their arrogance became apparent. They expect to win and that´s all there is to it. And with the Brazilian players diving every time the Aussies breathed on them, my status as a nuetral officially changed. I wanted Australia to win. Win they did not, but they can hold their heads high. The ref gave them nothing. The jeers that Fatty Ronaldo received when he totally biffed a bunch of chances were great. It was wonderful to have the majority of the whole stadium jeering the Brazilians justly because they were so poor. I believe the attendance (at capacity, of course) was in the 66,000 range. Big thumbs up for that venue. The Germans have done a great job.

Back in town after the match Pat and I hit the Haufbrauhous when mayhem in the form of plastered Aussies and Brazilians was ensuing. No violence, just drunkeness to the extreme. We got out of there and went back to our breakfast spot for more sausage. A couple of Swuiss lads joined us and we made some new friends. A beer and some meat later, we retired for the evening.

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