Friday, July 24, 2015

Hulk, Ramsey, Pep, Spurs, Donovan, Vidal

The 25th-Best USMNT Player Of All Time

Holla! There goes another week. In the bag. Done and dusted. Sunday is the Gold Cup final. We really could not care less after the shambolic manner in which CONCACAF has handled the tournament. We're ready for club footy! Thankfully, it'll come soon. Here we go...

Right, so Stuart James has a lovely little interview with Aaron Ramsey. Ramsey claims that he's a man now, so he's got that going for him.

It's a big year for Pep Guardiola and Bayern Munich. Raphael Honigstein reports from Germany on the...German Giants. No doubt the capture of Gore Arturo Vidal will help Pep's cause. Can we say that again? Great. Thanks. No doubt the capture of Gore Arturo Vidal will help Pep's cause.

Barney Ronay is taking a look at Spurs now that Gareth Bale is well and truly gone and maybe forgotten. They got a load of cash for the Welsh Ape and initially it did not look like it had been well spent. But, according to Barney, they've moved on and actually look quite healthy. Quite.

Back in the U.S. of A., MLS lumbers on. This weekend we get our first look at Frank Lampard and Andrea Pirlo as they are expected to debut for NYCFCYCFCCCFY. Should be interesting. Here's a Weekend Preview.

You want to read about Landon Donovan? The Greatest USMNT Player Ever? The Guardian and Jeff Bradley have you covered. But, who was second-best in their estimation? Reyna? OK, fair enough.

Good on you, Hulk! The Brazilian striker has told SPECTRE FIFA to piss off. He won't participate in the Russia 2018 draw. They'll spin the story, but we're pretty sure why he won't be there. "Club commitments," our ass. Here's more on the draw itself, where Wales and Romania will be top seeds.

That'll do. Enjoy your weekend.



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