Monday, July 27, 2015

Mexico Win Gold Cup, Arsenal & Aston Villa Season Previews, 2018 Qualifying

Hi there. We hope you had a fine weekend. The Editor and Mrs. Editor enjoyed a trip to the IKEA in Charlotte yesterday and saw three Eden Hazards, two John Terrys, and one Didier Drogba. No Frank Lapmard, though...

As expected, Mexico completed their CONCACAF-escorted run to a Gold Cup title last night with a win against Jamaica. In the third-place meaningless sad match, Panama beat the United States after penalties. We're really, really glad that farce of a tournament is over. Good. Grief. We'll keep it simple today, Peeps. Just that facts,  ma'am. Oh, and some rumors, of course. And absolutely NOTHING about the Gold Cup. We will note that Mexico and U.S. will play in Pasadena on October 9 to see who gets the honor of playing in the Confederations Cup.

Well, it's started. The Guardian has begun the series of Premier League Season Previews & Predictions. Alphabetically, of course. So, naturally, we begin with Arsenal (Third Place) and Aston Villa (Relegation Battle).

There were matches other than those for the Gold Cup this weekend. Yes, MLS rolled on and Andrea Pirlo was treated to another eight-goal fest at Yankee Stadium. Here are Five Things We Learned over the weekend. Power Rankings? Why not? D.C. on top and Philly on the bottom.

They're going to play that tournament up in Russia in a few years. You know, the World Cup? And they did the draw to try to figure out what countries from Europe will be there. Here's what's of note on that front. CONCACAF? Yeah, they did that one, as well. We'd rather not think about the USMNT right now, though.

Why the hell did The Special One sign Falcao? Dude's been ass for over a year now. Adam Bate investigates.

And finally...Jenna Jameson is a Manchester United fan.



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