Monday, July 20, 2015

USA Crush Cuba, Mexico Gifted a Goal and the Game, Sepp Showered in Cash

Here's to a pleasant week for you and yours. In the Gold Cup, Mexico couldn't finish and therefore couldn't score so the ref gave them a penalty in the closing minutes to allow them to advance at the expense of Costa Rica. Ugh. Yes, they deserved to win the match based on the play over the course of the 120 minutes. But, just not this way. The fix is in, folks! Elsewhere, the U.S. had little trouble with Cuba, Jamaica won, and Panama won on penalties. Your semis look like this: USA vs. Jamaica and Mexico vs. Panama. Both matches are Wednesday, with the U.S. in the earlier (6:00 p.m. EDT) fixture. Here's the shit from the weekend of CONCACAF fun:

CONCACAF Gold Cup: Saturday's Day 12 Takeaways
CONCACAF Gold Cup: Sunday's Day 13 Takeaways
USA 6 - 0 Cuba: Three Quick Thoughts
Mexico 1 - 0 Costa Rica: How Social Media Reacted
Mexico 1 - 0 Costa Rica: Three Observations

Manchester United have signed quite a few new lads, haven't they? One of them is Matteo Darmian. What's his story? Well, first of all, he's Italian. Second of all, Paolo Bandini is on the case and we'll let him take over from here.

Major League Soccer? Five Things We Learned? Sure. But let us take a guess about one of the things we learned. Maybe that the assGalaxy just keep getting better and better? Just how is that in a league that's supposed to be set up for parity? Hmmmm. Here's a Weekend Review to go along with your learning session.

Haven't heard from Sam Kelly in a spell. He's down in Argentina and he's updating us on Tevez's return to Boca. Gracias, Sam!

This is funny. Sepp gets showered with cash.

That's fine for a Monday. Catch ya later.



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