Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cuban Defections, Goals of the Week, Transfer Rumors, Transfer Rumours, USMNT

Ciao ciao, Andrea. Ciao ciao ciao ciao. Ciao.

Hey, now. It's all a bit quiet today. And we're not complaining. It's providing the opportunity for SSN Staffers to clean out the office fridge, order more paper, and get that huge stack of documents filed.

There's finally some decent coverage of the Cuban defections that occurred during the Gold Cup. Check the BBC's piece here. It's pretty incredible stuff, really. Unlike their baseball counterparts, there are no multi-million dollar contracts to be had. Want more? Here's an excellent article on Cuba and the U.S. as the dynamic between the two nations changes.

And now for Goals of the Week, featuring one from Boca, one from River, and one from the man who belongs to Jesus.

We should probably get some Power Rankings for MLS. Top? Kansas City. Bottom? Chicago.

Gore Arturo Vidal has left Juventus for Germany. James Horncastle is wondering if The Old Lady can survive without the Chilean midfielder.

The U.S. play Jamaica tomorrow night in Atlanta. Grant Wahl is with the Yanks and filed this report.

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