Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jamie Trecker: Playoff soccer doesn't resonate with MLS fans

How can anyone take a league that would crown a sub .500 team champion seriously?

This situation plays up the silliness that are the MLS playoffs. A thirty-game regular season is thrown out the window, in favor of this compressed, unnecessary four-game sprint.

Is this really how a major league wants decide its championship?


Bobbie BS said...

This article is a bit dated but I agree with it for the most part. I can only imagine Trecker's outrage were he to have written this a few days later after the Metrobulls won their first ever trophy, the Western Conference championship. I think that the playoff system could be fixed by only allowing the top four teams in the league, regardless of conference, into the playoffs. I think it also probably makes sense to allow teams competing in continental competition to carry a larger roster and be allocated a larger salary cap.

The Editor said...

Yeah, just saw it today but it's from last week.