Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Some Thoughts From The Editor

It’s bloody hot here. It’s been bloody hot here for a long time and we’ve not had any rain for over a month. My yard is a dustbowl. It’s dangerous to play soccer because of the air quality. It was the hottest August on record in our neck of the woods: The Bull City, Durham, NC. They say it’s supposed to break toward the end of the week. I’ll believe it when I see it.

So what’s going on? Beckham is hurt and I feel sorry for him. Poor lad just wants to play but that creaky hotbod just hasn’t been up to the task of late. Word is that Wayne Rooney is close to a return. Does it matter? His form was pretty off before the injury and it’ll take him a while to get his boots back on straight. It seems that guys can have fairly injury-free careers but once that first one hits things fall apart in a hurry. Don’t be surprised if he comes back and then returns to the training table after a few outings. Speaking of injuries, I guess it takes one to Frank Lampard for McClaren to realize that Frank and Stevie G. in the same spot doesn’t work. Why is it so hard for England managers to bench guys who don’t perform for their country but excel at club level?

I watched the U.S./Brazil match. It was quite fun. We looked solid and for the most part I agree with what the pundits are saying. It was a breakthrough showing for the lads, of sorts. They pressed and held possession for periods in a manner that we’ve not seen them do against many top-shelf opponents. If the ref had given the kick for the foul on Wolfie, who knows? Sure, Brazil were superior, but I liked the effort from the Yanks. Benny and Bradley in the middle were key. Well played kids!

You know, I’m excited as hell for Euro 2008 but I really could give a fuck about the qualifiers. Just get me to the main event. I want to know who’s in and who’s out. It’s so drawn out and I’ve had enough already. I can tell you that I’m pulling for the Scots. I’d love to see the Tartan Army prancing around Austria and Switzerland. Other than that, it’s nice to see Norway holding their own. Big Johnson Ivar must be pleased. But it’s the usual wearisome fair from the “biggies” like France, Italy, Spain, etc. England, too, with the exception of Saturday. Owen’s goal was nice, I must admit. But can there not be some sort of pre-qualifying run so we can weed out the likes of Faroe Islands, Andorra, et.al?

Over in China the women are off the mark. Germany scored 11 against Argentina. Ouch. Let me just say that women playing football is not something most Argentines consider normal. That scoreline does not surprise me in the least. Anyway, the Yanks could only draw with the Kim Jung Illz in their first match. I wonder if the Supreme Ruler will come to any matches? Probably too busy with his online porn.

And back down here in the heat the college season has begun. Duke’s a good team again and I look forward to attending as many of their matches as possible. Perhaps this is the year they make it all the way. Anyway, I’m ready for club soccer to return. Enough of this frivolous national team crap.

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