Thursday, September 13, 2007

England Entertain [honestly]

England 3 - 0 Russia

A few days ago the Twenty20 cricket world cup got under way. Last night minnows Zimbabwe were up against world champions and favourites Australia. A huge upset was on the cards. Why turn over to watch England vs Russia when I'm only going to get bored? Okay, things were a touch better against Israel, but that was surely just another false dawn. But no, Zimbabwe spanked the Assies, I turn over and England are actually playing some attractive football.

God, they're actually passing the ball to each other.

There's more than a slight feeling this has come about through accident rather than design, i.e. injury not only broke up a midfield that wasn't working, but also gave Barry the chance to show his worth. And what a surprise, a player who knows how to pass the ball and retain possession actually does well at the international level. Maybe he could teach Joe Cole something. Against top opposition I'd be tempted to move Barry to the left and bring in Hargreaves.

Credit, however, must be given to McClaren for bringing back Heskey, who was excellent in both games.

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