Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Crystal Palace & Everton Season Previews, Mexico Sack Herrera, Kaká

Not a bad squad if you're still living in 2005...

Good grief! Is it Hump Day already? They say time speeds up as you age, but this is getting ridiculous. Since the SSN Staff is on the older side, we're all freaking out as these weeks fly by. The only positive? The club season is almost here! And with that, the alphabetical previews and predictions continue. Today, we're graced with Crystal Palace (11th) and Everton (8th).

Kaká belongs to Jesus. He's told us so himself. But...he also belongs to Major League Soccer and is living up to the hype in Orlando by kicking some major ass. MVP? Seems logical. Sticking with MLS, does the league now have their Greatest Ever XI? Oh, and the MLS All-Star game is today. Apparently, Columbus have a decent couple of guys.

As noted in the subject line, Mexico's easily-excitable gaffer Miguel Herrera was canned yesterday. SSN Mexican National Team Expert Pedro predicted it would happen in a discussion around the water cooler at SSN Headquarters on Monday, but few of the staffers believed him. We suppose that's why Pedro is our SSN Mexican National Team Expert. He's usually correct when it comes to matters regarding the Mexican National Team. Farewell, Miguel.

And finally...could Villa be the EPL's surprise package this year?



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