Friday, October 10, 2014

Spain Lose Again, The Joy of Six, Roy Keane Is Still Talking, The End of the Line for Landycakes

We'll miss you...

There goes another week, Peeps. The big news from yesterday was Spain's loss to Slovakia. It was their fourth defeat in six matches and their first qualifying defeat since 2006! As you would expect, Sid Lowe is all over it. And all over it even more. Gracias, El Sid!

Haven't gotten your fill of Roy Keane? Have no fear. Word on the street is...Keano thinks José Mourinho is disgraceful. So, there you have it.

Argentina vs. Brazil. It's never a friendly, right? For money some reason they are playing this one in Beijing. Smog alert! Tune in tomorrow (8:05am EDT on beIN Sports USA), and try to watch through the haze. Kaká is back in the Brazilian side for the first time in like, 17 years or something. Here's some additional info for that one.

Perfect conditions in Beijing for the big Brazil/Argentina clash...

The Joy of Six is...Rabonas! Yes, From the father of the trick to Angel di María (via David Dunn), we celebrate half a dozen players indulging themselves. di María! Woop!

Landon Donovan. He's a complex man in a simple game. So says that Rog guy, anyway. So, Lando gets his weird send-off tonight in Hartford (7pm EDT on ESPN). Here are some articles:

USA vs. Ecuador: Preview
USA vs. Ecuador: Preview II

Amy Lawrence is talking Serie A! How odd. She usually sticks to the English topics. Here's her headline: Italy’s ambition grows to resurrect glory days for Serie A clubs. Cool!

Paolo Bandini is talking MLS! How odd. He usually sticks to the Italian topics. Here's his headline: Thierry Henry v Jermain Defoe – a rivalry that travelled from north London to North America. Cool!

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