Thursday, October 09, 2014

England vs. San Marino! Slovakia vs. Spain! Moldova vs. Austria!

Oh, dear. It truly is an international break and the reality of it all is beginning to sink in. Ugh. Well, let's see what we can make out of it all. OK, it looks like Jonathan Wilson has found something attractive. It's Romania vs. Hungary and something about Satan. That match isn't until Saturday, though. What else? You want a preview for the England match? No. You want 10 Things To Look Out For? Done. The Best of the Crap? Fine. A schedule? Really? OK. Geez. Enough of that, already.

Roy Keane. He's been keeping us in stitches with his new book. John Brewin has read it and calls it, "fascinating." We do say...

Jozy Altidore. Suffice to say, things have not gone well for the Yank Abroad at the Stadium of Light. And he wants out. January is coming...

Landon Donovan. His last USA match is tomorrow night against Ecuador up in Hartford. Grant Wahl goes RAPID FIRE! with the retiring SoCal bruh. Speaking of Lando, his assGalaxy are heading toward an epic battle with Seattle. At least, according to this article.

International minnows' professions at San Marino, Andorra and Faroe Islands. "Unemployed" for the win. Good stuff.

That's it! Enjoy the quiet.



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