Wednesday, October 08, 2014

More Fun With Roy Keane, More Racism, Mesut Özil Out 10-12 Weeks

How is it Hump Day already? It can't be possible, but it is. Well, we're into an international break (first victim? Mesut Özil!) so things are slow. Filling the gap, however, is good old Roy Keane. More of his book has been released and the quotes just keep coming. Enjoy!

The Suarez Selfie...

Tottenham sold Gareth Bale to Real Madrid for a lot of dough. They used said dough to buy a lot of players. Andy Glockner writes that some of those players purchased are beginning to prove their worth.

Bloody Hell. We missed this at the weekend but apparently Wellington faced a racially motivated onslaught in Romania. Thankfully, there appears to be some sanity in all of this as the person who threw the banana has apologized and hi and Wellington publicly addressed the issue. Hopefully someone will learn something from all of this crap. Christ.

How about a nice story? Carlton Palmer. Remember him? Decent midfielder for Wednesday and Leeds? Made the England squad at some point. He's currently teaching in Shanghai and doing quite well. Very nice.

For the most part, international football sucks. Paul Parker has some ideas to improve the game.

And of the all-time favorites here at SSN Headquarters, Gabriel Batistuta, was inducted into the Fiorentina Hall of Fame. Batigol!!



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