Tuesday, August 20, 2013

City Off the Mark, Tuesday Scribes, Lazio Racism, FSC Is Dead

Geez. Sergio played, Silva played, Yaya played, Na$ri played, and Steven Taylor let fly. Monday Night Football was a bit of a bust if you were a neutral. Daniel Taylor was at The Etihad as the San Pellegrino era got underway.

Why is Tuesday such a great day? It's when the top scribes all come out to play. Let's begin in Spain. Who would win in a cage match between English dudes living in Spain writing about La Liga? Who cares? Sid and Phil complement each other so well we can only imagine the two of them as best mates. Today, Sid chooses to focus on Real Madrid's almost-loss, whilst Phil makes us wish we lived in San Sebastian and could hop on a motorbike with our son and cruise down to the ground to take in Real Sociedad's opener.
The Lazio faithful get in the spirit!
Over in Germany, Raphael Honigstein is talking about the Hamburg Horror Show, and Paolo Bandini...err...well...he's still on vacation because Serie A has yet to begin. Don't fret, though. Although Lazio got drubbed by Juve in the Super Cup, their supporters won the prize for first out of the gate in the racism competition as they subjected Juventus players to racist chants and monkey noises. Good times!

Sticking with scribes, Tim Vickery is down in Latin America. Today, he'd like to talk about Javier Mascherano and Argentina. Fine.

Major League Soccer. Footie on home soil. Looks like Portland have put a bird on it and lead the Power Rankings. Avi Creditor has said rankings, plus a look back at the weekend's action and a Team of the Week. Hit it.

Right! The Mill! Plus One! Glad that's over.

And finally, let's shed a tear for Fox Soccer Channel. It's dead.




Bartholomew said...

Good to have you back!

Bobbie BS said...

Re: FSC, glad to know I don't have to resume my annual angry phone call campaign to Comcast to get them to put up the HD channel. Assholes.

The Editor said...

You never got FSC in HD? Wow.