Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bayern Munich Lederhosen, Champions League Action, Midweek EPL

Pep questions his move away from Spain...
All eyes on Istanbul today as crisis club Arsenal attempt to steady the ship with a Champions League qualifying result in Turkey. The pressure is on the Gunners, but the pressure is also on their opponents. They've been accused of cheating. Suffice to say, they could win, but Fenerbahce could be ousted anyway. Mob ties, you see. Match fixing. You know the drill. David Hytner looks at the possible ramifications for Arsenal. Here's a preview. Direct your television to Fox Sports 1 at 2:45pm EDT if you care to take in the action in the United States.

There were matches in the same competition yesterday. Milan scored in Holland to take an advantage back to the San Siro. And if people actually still care about Scottish Football, we're terribly sorry. Celtic lost in Kazakhstan. Enough said. Here's a little wrap of yesterday's action.
Pep thinks, "maybe this isn't so bad."
Back in the EPL, Aston Villa obviously enjoyed their trip to the Emirates last weekend but they're back in London tonight to face a much more difficult opponent. Jose's Chelsea lie in wait at Stamford Bridge. This one is also at 2:45pm EDT and it's on NBCSN. Preview? Of course.

The biggest story currently coming out of The Mill is Willian's upcoming move to Spurs. Eastern Euro expert Jonathan Wilson weighs in. And here's your Plus One.

Sadly, that's really all there is.



Pep is scared shitless as Ribery talks about his romp with an underage prostitute...

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