Friday, November 02, 2012

Friday. What a Week. Bloody Hell.

Good Grief. 

We've been feverish (literally) all bloody week. Throw in some Clattenburg, some crazy Cup action, 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy), SSN Special Advisor Grant Tennille stepping down from his 17-year + position with a United States Corporate Giant Icon to follow his love of the bean, and we're ready for things to simmer (literally) down a bit.

But, no. We've got loads of great action this weekend, beginning with Arsenal's trip to Old Trafford. Louise Taylor has the Talking Points for the EPL weekend, so let's get those out of the way. Georgina Turner wants to talk about Arsenal. The floor is yours, Georgina.

As a fair amount of SSN regulars support either Arsenal or Manchester United, here's a preview. And another. Check it: RVP turned down a mega-deal at City to join United! How about that? If you care to check out the fare from the USA, head to ESPN2 at 8:45am EDT tomorrow.
Solid Old Man Hair, Something About Mary Hair, Fake Hair
And Liverpool host Newcastle. Now, that should be interesting. Will Demba Ba play? Who knows? That one is on Sunday.

Here's preview for the weekend.

And Lawro want's to tell us what will happen. And so does Mr. Merson. Thanks, guys.

Elsewhere around Europe fixtures that raise a brow include Valencia hosting Atlético Madrid, Juventus vs. Inter Milan (Derby d' Italia!), and Hamburg vs. Bayern Munich.

Returning to more local issues, it would appear that the Galaxy from Los Angeles won their playoff match last night. For some reason there's no Forecast today so...sorry, we suppose? Anyway, the big one tonight is Seattle vs. Real Salt Lake. And then the other teams that are left play tomorrow and Sunday. Here's the official site.

More racism! This time in Austria! Bleh. Let's cheer up by checking in with Martin Tyler.

OK! Let's end this madness. Sid Lowe wants to talk about scoring sensation Radamel "The Tiger" Falcao. When Sid talks, you bloody well listenThe Joy of Six is Penalty Shootouts, here's a lovely little piece of interest: Premier League Goals By Nationality. Norway? Ole Gunnar!

That's your lot! Enjoy the weekend. We'll leave you with an article from the legendary When Saturday ComesOne Livorno fan's lonely journey across Italy.



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