Thursday, November 01, 2012

Capital One Festival of Goal Insanity, Serie A, Clattenburg Crap

Now that's a bit funny, innit?
OK, so it finally emerged that Clatterburg is accused of saying, "shut it, monkey" to Mikel. The ref claims he did not say that. Look for this to drag on far too long. What a shitstorm. Speaking of shitstorms, at the Chelsea/Manchester United match last night, a Chelsea fan was caught on camera making what certainly appears to be monkey gesture (see below). Pure class, that club. No word if the Chelsea fans attacked their own stewards this time out.
There's our man. Lovely...
There was actual football played, we can certainly tell you that. And it was fantastic, yet again. This time out it was Chelsea who took the win, and like yesterday's Reading/Arsenal insanity, it went to extra time. Henry Winter was there to view all the excitement. His colleague Jim White says the classic drama of Chelsea's 5-4 victory over Manchester United is the perfect antidote to all the poison. Hmmm. Anecdote might be a bit of a strong term to use. It certainly was nice, but this crap is not going away.

Daniel Taylor was also at The Bridge, and you can check out all the highlights here. And don't forget the iconic Richard Williams' report.

There were two other matches in the What's in Your Wallet Cup yesterday. Tottenham lost as Clint Dempsey missed a penalty. And Liverpool lost as Joe Cole had a howler. Here's the draw for the next round. Leeds play Chelsea. Oh, dear. Prepare the in-stadium jail.

Over in Italy, Serie A was in full gear. Paolo Bandini does a wonderful job keeping us in the loop. And we'll throw in a wrap for good measure.

In the City of Chicago, the Fire lost to the Dynamo. We sent SSN's man on the ground in the Windy City Bobbie S. down to Toyota Park to check out the action. Hopefully he'll submit a report if he's not too hungover.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Hah! Hah! Hah!

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