Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Phil Ball in Spain

It was quite a weekend, and how nice for all the games to be played by the end of Sunday night - just like the old days. It almost felt like a broadcast in black and white. Celta v Sevilla was played on the Friday night, which was slightly odd (maybe that's what affected Sevilla, who lost), but there were several significant games that all coincided on the seventh week of the Spanish league programme. Now there's a rest for the international fixtures, and in any case it's a four-day week in Spain, with a national holiday on Friday.

Pride of place went to the season's third clasico although, of course, this was the first one of the league programme. Thirteen clasicos in the last two years: unlucky for some, but not for many. There are those who claim to be tiring of the circus but, with games of the quality of Sunday night's, it seems churlish to complain.

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