Monday, October 08, 2012

Football Weekly: Manchester United win Cleverley while Cole acts stupidly

Premier League chat with a round-up of all action from Europe, with a fair ol' sprinkling of puns? Of course, let AC Jimbo sort that for you.

On today's Football Weekly, Philippe Auclair, John Ashdown and Owen Gibson are on board to look at all the news on and off the pitch since we last met, including Tom Cleverley's did-he-mean-it-didn't-he-mean-it-wasn't-it-just-wooftastic-anyway screamer as Manchester United tonked Newcastle, and all the Ashley Cole-inspired hoo-haa following the FA's verdict on John Terry.

Plus, there's a bumper European section as – direct from his honeymoon suit – Sid Lowe gives his reaction to El Clásico, and we analyse PSG's 2-2 draw with Marseille, this goal by Jackson Martinez, and the rather less thrilling Milan derby.

All of that, plus discussions on free will, collective nouns and the Ballon d'Or .

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