Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Grant Wahl: Jurgen Klinsmann Interview

The first thing you notice is the shirt. Jurgen Klinsmann is wearing a blue-and-red Nike shirt with the badge of the U.S. national team as we sit down on Sunday for our first private interview since he took over as the U.S. coach. For some reason, seeing Klinsmann in the team gear for the first time rams home the point more than anything else so far. He's here. The World Cup-winning German really did take the job.

Klinsmann's first game happens to be against Mexico, the U.S.' archrival, here on Wednesday (9 p.m. ET, ESPN2, Univisión). But more important than the result itself is the new vibe that Klinsmann is trying to create around the national team. He's serious about his new project, but there are plenty of smiles and laughs in our 20-minute talk, which at times seems more like a conversation than an interview.


Ken Lacerda said...
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Ken Lacerda said...

hmmm. part of me is excited, part is terribly worried that dude is flakey and will complete the cycle back to laughably bad national team. Nice to see tho that he is on target with regard to the hours---that US players need to play a whole lot more to compete with skill