Thursday, February 07, 2008

USA 2 - 2 Mexico

All in all, another entertaining match-up between the region's powerhouses. Too bad Dempsey's goal was waved off. Regardless, Mexico failed to win, and that makes me quite pleased.

Oguchi Onyewu and Jozy Altidore provided the goals for the hosts, while Jonny Magallon notched both of the goals on set pieces for Mexico.

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Martin Rogers on Jozy Altidore

Lo siento, Hugo. Suerte por la proxima...


Bobbie BS said...

I continue to ask why there has ever been a debate as to whether Bobby Convey were a better choice for USA on the left than Beasley. He never looks like he's going to beat anybody when he cuts inside, he doesn't cross well enough to play as a traditional winger, he doesn't shoot well. Also, what do we have to learn from calling up Eddie Lewis at this point?

The Editor said...

I didn't notice any current debate re: Beasley/Convey. Obviously, Beasley would start ahead of Convey. What's sad is that Convey has been decent for Reading of late but was total ass last night. Chalk it up to jet lag.

Maybe Bob wanted a veteran to get in the mix. We're not going to learn anything from him on the field but perhaps against Mexico Bob felt that his presence could help some of the rookies. That's my only guess. Maybe he's a "good man to have in the locker room." Just like you, Bobbie...