Friday, June 30, 2006

Stuttgart = drunken Tunisians?

Spain and Tunisia pujt on a nice show. My seats said Row 10 but they were really Row 4. It was fantastic to see Alonso, Cesc, Garcia, Raul, etc. right in front of me. Too bad the hammered Tunisia guy in front of me made me miss Raul´s goal because of his antics like climbing over people with a lit cigarette and scaring the kids all around him. We finally got him kicked out.

The early goal by Tunisia made for a solid contest. The Spaniards were in full voice and I was impressed by the amount of Tunisians. However, they were drowned out by the Espanol in the house. It was a lot easier to get into this stadium than in Munich. Perhaps because there were 25,000 less people to deal with. Anyway, Pat hit the hot springs for some naked R&R coupled with beer drinking whilst I attended the match. Since he booked a room, I decided to join him and bail on the night train to Hamburg and took a morning one bac instead. It was the right move. I needed a bed to rest my weary bones.

Stuttgart has nothing on Munich. It´s pretty boring and architecturally weak but with the WC and nice weather there were plenty of cafes available for relaxing pre-match. We tried some of the local cuisine = some raviolis filled with spicy meat with a creamy sauce. Quite nice and a good break from all the SAUSAGE in my blood.


Anonymous said...

Stuttgart is boring, it seems you never visit Stuttgart. Visit München go to Stuttgart and you see nothing beats Stuttgart. Maybe you have some Bratwürste on your eyes. That's the only rational reason to say such bullshit!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I have to say you know nothing about Germany. The comment above is kind of hard. But you have no idea what Stuttgart has to offer you. If you say Stuttgart ist all about football you know nothing! Munich has it's pretty sides, but Stuttgart is almost as great a Munich.

Vist it besides football and you see! Don't talk such a blame garbage if you know NOTHING!