Thursday, September 10, 2015

FC Clapton, New Faces, Ronny at Burning Man

We're ready for the weekend!'s only Thursday. Let's see what we've got. Not much, but there is a little...

SSN Regulars will know that we love us some anti-fascist homophobia-hating football clubs. It would appear that FC Clapton is a new favorite of the blog. Go on, then!

There will be some new faces in the Premier League this weekend. Here are ten who might actually grace the pitch at some point.

What else? Tim Vickery is in South America and wants to discuss Neymar and Sergio. By all means, Tim. Ian Darke is in the U.S. and wants to discuss The Diving German. By all means, Ian.

And finally...Ronaldo went to Burning Man.



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