Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Brazil Destroy U.S.A., More Euro 2016, Amy Lawrence on Anthony Martial, Playing Under Pinochet

"What can I say? I'm a shitty coach."
It's Hump Day already. That's what happens when you have a long weekend. The week gets all weird and shit. Hey. How about that USA Men's Team? Good Grief. An embarrassing display up in MA last night as Brazil had their way with the Yanks. Pathetic. Here's the fallout:

USA 1 - 4 Brazil: Three Thoughts (Jeff Carlisle) 
USA 1 - 4 Brazil: Three Thoughts II (Grant Wahl)
USA 1 - 4 Brazil: Twitter Reaction

We're finally through the latest round of European qualifying. Here are 10 Talking Points From The Latest Action. And Raphael Honigstein on the German advance. And Phil McNulty on Wayne Rooney. And what countries have qualified and what countries can still qualify. And what caught our eye.

Manchester United paid £5,897,377,655 for some kid named Anthony Martial. Amy Lawrence wonders why.

Chile in the 70s. Sketchy, to say the least. Pinochet was a shithead, as we all know. But what was it like to play for the national side during that sad period? Let's learn.

Italy. What's up with that? Are they any better under Conte? Have they actually improved? Let's look!

Ronny's been a bit quiet this season, has he not? Rob Train says it's because of the traffic jam in the middle of the Madrid pitch. Hmmmm...  Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Atlético Madrid are ready to make their move. Graham Hunter fills us in here.

And finally...Gazza's got his favorite XI.



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