Tuesday, June 16, 2015

USA vs. Nigeria, Copa América Drama, Soccer Made in Germany

What...is...up? Some mighty fine matches on the international scene yesterday. Both Copa América and the Women's World Cup dazzled. Since it's so bloody hot at SSN Headquarters this morning, let's begin in the Great White North. As expected, Germany and Norway are through. As expected, some asshat IN CHARGE OF PROMOTING THE WOMENS GAME IN BRAZIL made some sexist comments. Here we go:

Women's World Cup: What we learned on Day 10
Nigeria vs. USA: Preview
Jeff Carlisle: U.S. control own destiny

Friend of SSN Barry Ragin has this to say about things in Canada: "US has 4 points going in to the final group match. Worst case scenario is they lose to Nigeria by more than 4 goals, and finish in 3rd place. (One of Sweden or Australia can finish ahead of them, but not both.) The top 4 third place teams all advance to the round of 16. There are two third place teams with only 3 points. So the US has effectively qualified for the next round, regardless of the outcome of tonight's game. Just thought you might like to know that, since Fox sports and other sites can't seem to figure that out. (Nor the fact that this is the women's team, and not the men's.)" Thank you, Barry.

Down in Chile yesterday, there were 11 goals in the two matches played. Bolivia shocked Ecuador, and Mexico's B team made Chile's defending look dodgy, indeed. Today? Just the little issue of the Rio de la Plata Derby! Here we go:

Copa América: Monday Roundup
Chile 3 - 3 Mexico: Three Things We Learned
Chile 3 - 3 Mexico: Three Things We Learned II
Chile 3 - 3 Mexico: Three Takeaways
Chile vs. Mexico: Three Thoughts

Mihajlovic and Vieira chat back in 2000...

As expected, The Diving Italian was axed by Milan after their shitty season. The new man is Sinisa Mihajlovic. This is what Patrick Vieira had to say about Mihajlovic back in 2000: "There were a lot of bad things said to me and it they all came from one player - Mihajlovic", Vieira said. "I was called a black bastard and a f***ing black monkey. You don't want to hear that on the pitch coming from a professional player. "It was the worst that has been directed at me as a player. I talked with some of the other Lazio players and I asked them what they thought of that. They said they know him and he is stupid. They were sorry, they apologised."

Right! It is Tuesday and that means we've got Marcotti's Musings. Today, Gab is gabbing about Copa America impressions, Falcao and Wilshere's futures, Croatia controversy.

Look at this! Uli Hesse has an article on Soccer Made in Germany. This cemented The Editor's love of the game back in the day. Nice one, Uli!

And finally...Pinoe's Biggest Fan.



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