Friday, May 15, 2015

Last Anfield Appearance For Gerrard, Superclásico Abandoned, St. Pauli Issues

Hey, now! There goes another one. We're getting down to the end of it all. What happened to the season? Geez. Let's get to the weekend shiznit, beginning with the UK and all that.

So. We know the Champions League Final will be Juventus vs. Barcelona. What about the Europa League Final? Why, it's Sevilla vs. Dnipro Dnipropeptreptakniptrovsk!

A bunch of idiots at La Bombonera forced the the Superclásico Copa Libertadores matchup between Boca and River to be abandoned. Great. Nice work, assholes.

Italy? Serie A? Here's a Weekend Preview as clubs scramble to qualify for Europe. Spain? Barcelona can win the whole bloody thing if they can beat Atlético Madrid at the Vicente Calderón. Here's your Weekend Preview for La Liga.

There is a Joy of Six today. It's...Sporting Insults! Look out! Top Tenner? Why, it's got to be...The 10 best moments of Steven Gerrard's Liverpool career!!

Is there hope for English managers? Richard Williams makes the claim that there is, thanks to Tim Sherwood and Gary Monk.

Kirsten Schlewitz got in with some Fiorentina supporters. Embedded, as it were. Here's her report.

And finally...No Dinner For You!!



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